AstronSCIENTIFIC Rotarion at International Astronomy Show IAS 2022 UK

Stand booth at IAS 2022 FLO & GPA

From right to left side: Martin (IAS), Alv (AstronSCIENTIFIC) and Graham (IAS)

From right side Martin, Alv and Graham IAS 2022 UK

Rotarion remote turrets at StarGazers Lounge astro-forum

IAS 2022 Stargazers lounge FLO

Setting up Rotarion CAM 2.5″  for thousands of port changes at astro-show IAS

Setting up Rotarion CAM 2_5inch at IAS 2022

IAS videos from best UK astro-YouTubers and astro-Bloggers

(If video link does not open, copy it and paste in your browser)   (see from Minute: 0:16)   (see from Minute: 4:03)   (see from Minute: 4:50)   (see from Minute: 4:39)   (see from Minute: 7:47)   (see Minute 4:37)





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