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AstronSCIENTIFIC Rotarion at International Astronomy Show IAS 2022 UK From right to left side: Martin (IAS), Alv (AstronSCIENTIFIC) and Graham (IAS) Rotarion remote turrets at StarGazers Lounge astro-forum Setting up Rotarion CAM 2.5″  for thousands of port changes at astro-show IAS IAS videos from best UK astro-YouTubers and astro-Bloggers (If video link does not open, […]

AstroFest 2020 UK

AstroFest 2020 London UK AstronSCIENTIFIC Rotarion System products, accessories, and telescopes Rotarion CAM – Hermes Refractor – Viewing, DSO & Planetary Imaging in TV-85 Rotarion Photo – DSO & Planetary imaging application in Celestron SCT C8 Curtesy of Carlos Uriarte  

Hermes T21 Universal Telescope

World Premiere at NEAIC & NEAF 2019 The HERMES Refractor Telescope Universal – DSO and Planetary Multi-camera Imaging & Viewing  ONLY with Rotarion + Rotarion CAM Kit View MINUTE 4:50 Visual/Viewing Port + Planetary Imaging Port + DSO Imaging Port Courtesy of Mr. Trevor Jones ASTROBACKYARD: https://astrobackyard.com/