Rotarion ASCOM Driver + filter wheel ASCOM Driver, for Remote Telescopes

2022 – Rotarion for Remote Telescopes with third-party software & ASCOM



Our NEW 2-in-1 driver for ASCOM, for using Rotarion plus a filter wheel.

Rotarion ASCOM setup 1 of 2

Now you can assign different filter-wheel slots to each Rotarion port.

The Rotarion ASCOM interface has been developed as a filter wheel; to allow the use of a true filter
wheel between the Rotarion and the telescope, Rotarion ASCOM driver can connect to an additional wheel and
combine the positions.

Rotarion ASCOM setup 2 of 2

Demostración video of Rotarion ASCOM Driver and a filter wheel with imaging software FireCapture.

See video in our YouTube Channel:

For more info on new ASCOM Driver see page “Tech Info” >> “3.-Rotarion and Accessories Software” >>  “Section 3.3.1” :

Hermes T21 Universal Telescope

World Premiere at NEAIC & NEAF 2019

The HERMES Refractor Telescope

Universal – DSO and Planetary Multi-camera Imaging & Viewing 

ONLY with Rotarion + Rotarion CAM Kit

View MINUTE 4:50

Visual/Viewing Port + Planetary Imaging Port + DSO Imaging Port

Courtesy of Mr. Trevor Jones ASTROBACKYARD:

Hermes Universal Telescope & Rotarion CAM presentation at NEAF 2019 interview