AstronSCIENTIFIC manufactures the facial personal protection ASTRON SHIELD.

  CE EN 166:2001 Test COVID-19 Certified PPE’s.

Certified best quality Visors, Norm 167:2001 Optical Class 1, maximum transparency & minimum optical aberrations.

All materials are premium quality, components and parts are Made in Barcelona.

Quick Just-in-Time deliveries within EU territory, without the risks of Customs delays.

Manufacturing capacity of +6.000 units daily.

On-time Supply Guaranteed!

*** NEWS ! ***

 The Philadelphia Inquirer- Medical Press –  Journal of the American Medical Association

USA Doctors have published that PPE’s protect from CoronaVirus as well as masks.


Sales Folder Pack-Panphlet V2 web

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Astron Shiled sales-folder for website

NEW! CE ENAC-AITEX Certificate:

*** EU Norm 167:2001 Optical Class 1 ***

Captura Report Full Certificacion 166-2001 CE Norm

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2020EC4479 Complet

CAPTURA Data Sheet ASPPEF2.0 Fixed Face Sheld V9.0

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Data Sheet ASPPEF2.0 Fixed Face Sheld V9.0

Captura web presentation EU

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Presentation ASPPEF2.0 V7

Sales UK, Ireland & USA:

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AstronSCIENTIFIC promoted the supply of +100.000 free PPE’s for Barcelona Hospitals, Police Forces, etc..

With our current for-profit sales, we supply extra units for Charity.

For each customer order, AstronSCIENTIFIC supplies +10% free units for Non-Profit organizations.

Currently we have donated over +35.000 units already

For more information, see list of collaborators, donors and Charity PPE destinations below.

NON-PROFIT Protective Plastics Masks for Hospitals.

+17.000 Donated Protective Masks, April 15th 2020

Imagen web

NON-PROFIT Protective Plastics Masks for Hospitals.

+25.000 Donated Protective Masks, May 12th 2020

Dra. Natalia ribe

NON-PROFIT Protective Plastics Masks for Hospitals.

+35.000 Donated Protective Masks, August 17th 2020


NON-PROFIT Protective Plastics Masks for Hospitals

Current Collaborators & Donors:

April the 4th, 2020    Alvaro Martinez Non-Profit Protective Plastics Masks for Hospitals Initiative



QuadPack Fundation

Riba Mecanizados Metalicos S.A.

Cademolt S.L.

Fotocopias Diagonal Barcelona

Fundación SEUR

Dentro SPAIN S.l.

Dress Code Bcn

Maritim Projects

COMO Mataro


Ayuntamiento de Gavá

Policia Municipal Gavá

Tot Trade Polimers

Biesterfeld Ibérica

Omya Polimers

Polimeros Guzman

IndoPlast Technical Extrusion Profiles


Dc. Juan Carlos González-Angiano Marsal

Gustavo Delgado Morales

Amaya Montañes

Ana Cisneros Miralles

Cristina Rodríguez Gómez

Juan Deu Cano

Reg. German Barrena Casero

Emilio Brossa Alonso

Javier Belmonte Salvador

Victoria Gonzalez Vidal

Alexander Birk

Carlos Almela

Xavier Antolin

Dra. Natalia Ribé

Andrew Kellsal

Andy Wright

And many more…

Doctors, Hospitals & Polices Forces Current & Future Donations

Sandra Martin Quiros    Hospital Quiron-Dexeus

Marta García Martínez  Parc Sanitari San Joan de Deu

Ana Cisneros     Hospital General

Ricard León       Colegio de Médicos

Inspector Pedro Fernández Sánchez       Policia Local de Gavà

Doctor J.c. Gonzalez-Angiano/Victoria Ramos    Clinica Delfos

Doctor Juan Oglio           Hospital Dexeus

Doctor Tomás Torres (Jefe UCI y Director Médico)/Maria Jose Coi/Melisa              Clínica Tres Torres

Doctor Jose Luis Alonso Balado          Hospital de Mataro

Rubén Moragues           Hospital Sant Pau

Doctor Morillas UCI/Doctora Pons/Maria Duch  Hospital Barcelona

Marta Bleda      Clínica Sagrada Família

Doctor Carlos Santa Marina       Residencia La teva residencia

Luis Cisneros     Eos Elininate odor system

Verónica            Residencia Martal

Loli Castillo        Hospital Sagrado Corazón

Marga LLaberia Ascoz (Cap de Servei Jose Llaberia Pascual)     Clinica Sagrada familia – Equip. Anestesia

And many more…

NON-PROFIT Protective Plastics Masks for Hospitals

In-house designed in less than 24 hours!

By Fernando Lopez & Josep Soldevilla

Captura Mascara con Pantalla

NON-PROFIT Protective Plastics Masks for Hospitals

Injection Mould under 6 days!

By Riba Mecanizados Metalicos & Cademolt

Output +3.000 units/daily

By QuadPack Plastics

COVID19 CORONA virus Recommendations and STAY HOME Guidelines

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