ROTARION World Premiere presentation

AstronSCIENTIFIC presented the world premiere of ROTARION, the First Universal Automatic Eyepiece Wheel for Astronomy at NEAF 2016, NY.

New York, 9 y 10 de abril de 2016


For the occasion, the prestigious Northeast Astronomy Forum NEAF 2016 in New York (U.S.A.), the Barcelona, Spain, (E.U.) based corporation AstronSCIENTIFIC presented the world premiere of the newest accessory for intermediate & advanced astronomers ROTARION, the first truly universal automatic wheel for eyepieces, suitable both for visual and imaging users.

ROTARION is a universal automatic electronic system for changing eyepieces on telescopes of any kind, either controlled remotely with a computer through a user friendly software, or controlled locally with a hand control unit. This way both, observers located next to their telescopes and also remote users with computer operated telescopes, will experience maximum ease of use. The system integrates an aviation aluminium alloy wheel with four high quality eyecups for your four favourite 1.25” eyepieces with adjustable extenders for each eyepiece cup. The ROTARION is equipped with electronics to manage precisely the automatic change of the eyepieces, aligning the chosen eyepiece with the optical axis of the telescope.

Although it may be used for visual observations due to the ease that provides the quick change of eyepieces without having to look in the dark for your next eyepiece, the ROTARION has an excellent application for astro-imaging, so that the camera (any) is perfectly aligned with the chosen eyepiece. During the change of eyepieces the electromechanical shutter will move inward, then change the chosen eyepiece, realign it with the telescope’s optical axis and finally move out the shutter locking the chosen eyepiece when the eyepiece change is completed. All automatically and without touching or manipulating the imaging equipment already mounted on the ROTARION.

The presentation of the ROTARION was a success, as it was the general public and professional’s product reviews. On the booth, visitors watched a live demonstration of a ROTARION with the ROTARION PHOTO accessory perform a Quality Control Life Test constantly changing eyepieces, over 7,500 times. AstronSCIENTIFIC achieved a number of Pre-Orders that will ensure product launch soon.