Our story

AstronSCIENTIFIC is a small company based in Barcelona founded in 2013. The project is the result of our passion for astronomy, hobby practiced for many years and it has occupied much of the time that our professional occupations allow us. Rotarion is the result of several years of passionate work and began as an idea, when we detected the need that many other astronomers share like us.

Rotarion is the result of the restless mind of Alvaro Martinez

“The idea came to my mind two years ago, one night I was using my telescope to view Venus. It seemed impossible that did not exist a more convenient way to change eyepieces. It did not seem so complicated from a technical standpoint. The idea settled in my mind, and did not stop until I completed the product development. In the end it was not as easy as I had initially imagined, but after a couple of years of design, prototypes and testing, finally we found a product that would make astronomy easier, faithful to the original idea”.

“People often believe that having the idea is the tricky part in the process of creating a new product. Actually that’s the easy part. People who have successfully launched new products know that carrying it out, it’s the real challenge”.

Álvaro’s enthusiasm spread to those who have been their partners in this exciting project, from family and friends who have participated financially to engineers who contributed to product development and partners who have helped their marketing.

We firmly believe that Rotarion is a product that makes the life of pro-am astronomers a little easier, and that alone it’s worth the adventure.