Automatic Quick Change of eyepieces to vary the magnification using up to 4 of your favourite 1.25” eyepieces.

Easy Finder and zoom in: just quick change your eyepiecess to get the needed magnification on your telescope.

Re-locate lost objects: just quick change your EP to increase your FOV.

All that without touching and moving your telescope or affecting the optical axis between eyepieces or disturbing your telescope alignment or tracking.

Quick Change your favourite eyepieces with a simple Click!

Rotarion The Eyepiecewheel includes the free Rotarion Remote Control software.

The Rotarion has the CE marking and approval for +30 countries, certified with the IEC 61010-1 Norm for Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use in compliance with the Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services Germany GmbH corporation based at Türkheim, Germany.

The Rotarion is patented in the EU & USA.

Rotarion Photo

The Rotarion’s automatic camera tripod accessory for Astrophotography, making possible to image different sky objects all in the same night.

Now you can make your telescope universal.  Change your telescope setup from DSO imaging to Planetary imaging with just one simple Click!

No more taking off your camera imaging equipment while changing your favourite eyepieces, Focal Reducers, Flateners, PrimeFocus kit adapter (included), and Barlows/PowerMates!

The Rotarion Photo is universal, compatible with any imaging equipment such as cameras and filter wheels with thread M42 / T2.

It includes an automatic electromechanical shutter that closes the gap between your optics and your camera, no more ambient light interference!

Rotarion Hand Control

Another Rotarion accessory: the user friendly hand held control unit.

To use the Rotarion in the field without a computer.

With the possibility of control from your SmartPhone via Bluetooth.

Plug & play ready for future Rotarion accessories (Rotarion SmartPhone APP).

Rotarion Case

The aluminium case designed specifically for the safe transportation and storage of your Rotarion.

Interior pre-cut to fit also other telescope equipment (EPs, cameras, etc.).

Rotarion AutoFocus

The perfect AutoFocus device for Rotarion.

Just manually focus one optic or imaging device mounted in any Rotarion port/position, and when selected the rest of optics and imaging devices mounted in the Rotarion are automatically focused!

The Rotarion Remote Control software includes a [T] training key with a proprietary algorithm, so the system calculates for you the variable focus offsets among your telescope and optics, and cameras, so all 4 Rotarion ports/positions become parafocal.

The Rotarion AutoFocus will automatically focus your telescope at any requested distance. Ideal for terrestrial Telescopes too!

Compatible with any DC/stepper motor in the market (JMI, Orion, Tele Vue, Starlight-Feather Touch, Moonlite, etc).

Tele Vue 2″ Everbrite Diagonal for Rotarion

The Rotarion taylor-made made Tele Vue Optics best quality 2″ Diagonal for all telescopes with a 2″ focuser.

Rotarion CAM Kit

The accessory to transform your Rotarion into the multi optics & imaging devices wheel, to make your telescope versatile for multi applications.

Ideal for Profesional Science and Amateur Expert level Imagers.

Expert Am: Make your telescope for visual/viewing, DSO imaging, Planetary Imaging all-in-one! Or use a 2 camera setup for Chrominance & Luminance DSO technique (25% faster than the traditional RGB+L method), ideal in seasonal cloudy areas!

Professional Observatory: multiple science applications in a single telescope tube without the differential flexure problems of multi-tube telescopes. Visual, spectrometry, photometry, astrometry, etc. science applications in a single telescope tube.

Includes tools, parts, and a complete collection of thread adapters for:  Tele Vue IS imaging system, SCT 2″ 24TPI, M48, and T2-M42.

Supplied with Rotarion Remote Control PRO software, to adjust light and heavy unbalance loads of cameras or science devices setups.

Rotarion Smartphone app

The SmartPhone APP with a friendly user interface that connects your SmartPhone with BlueTooth to your Rotarion Hand Control.

In final phase of development, deployment 2019.

Technical specifications

Designed & Manufactured: Barcelona – Spain – E.U.

Telescope’s focuser connection: SCT thread, included standard 2″ barrel, black anodized, including a 2” filter thread.

Eyepiece-cups: 4 eyepiece-clamps, high quality 1.25” Click-Locks from German manufacturer Baader Planetarium, quick & safe.

EP’s height adjustment: with a set of extenders M42/T2, included.

Camera connection: with the Rotarion Photo, standard M42/T2 thread.

Electromechanical Shutter: automatic and integrated into the Rotarion Photo, closes the gap between the optics and the camera.

Material: high quality machining (CNC) in aviation aluminum and colour anodized.

Electronics: Circuit board with SMD components including 3 Toshiba synchronized motors to ensure smooth and precise movement.

Manual Control: with Rotarion Hand Control built in aviation aluminum with LCD illuminated in red.

Remote Control: via Windows computer and free software with USB or Serial connection.

Power supply: 12V DC, connector with central positive.

Consumption: 2Amp maximum.

Dimensions (Diameter x Height): 173mm X 29,5 mm (without eyepiece-cups or handles).

Weight: 1.0 Kg. (2.2 lb/oz).