Rotarion 1.25″ & 2″

Our standard modular Rotarion wheel/turret with a complete line of Rotarion Accessories.

Design to help you, from Beginner to Expert Am, and even for Pro Astronomy.

 For the Do-it-Yourself telescope makers.

Rotarion CAM 2.5″ USA Model

The 4 x 2.5″  Ports Camera remote selector.

For un-attended Robotic telescopes with Full-Frame camera’s sensors and larger.

For the Do-it-Yourself telescope makers.

*** World presentation at First Light Optics (FLO) at the International Astronomy Show UK 2022. ***

Rotarion Custom-Made

Our made to order tailor-made Rotarion products.

Rotarion products cater to the demanding Astronomers.

Also for the Do-it-Yourself telescope makers.

Multi-Application Telescopes

Ready to use, complete Multi-Application telescopes and turn-key solutions.

For Beginner/Intermediate/Expert Am,  for Schools, Universities, and Pro Astronomers.

For those who immediately just want to enjoy observing the night sky, or even for Pro Astronomy Research.

There is a Rotarion Multi-Application Telescope solution for you!

Rotarion Solar Telescopes

Rotarion is now compatible with 4 Quarks etalons from DayStar, for HD Solar imaging.

On final field tests by First Light Optics UK, and Solar expert imager Gary Palmer.

Available 2022.

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