A.- Rotarion System Products:

Our standard modular Rotarion with a complete line of Rotarion Accessories. Design to help you from Beginner to Expert Am and even for Pro Astronomy.  For the Do-it-Yourself telescope makers.

See NEAF 2021 Rotarion System 1 minute YouTube video

B.- Rotarion Custom-Made:

Our made to order tailor-made Rotarion products. Rotarion products cater to the demanding Astronomers. Also for the Do-it-Yourself telescope makers.

C.- Multi-Application Telescopes:

Ready to use, complete Multi-Application telescopes and turn-key solutions. Telescopes for Beginner/Intermediate/Expert Am, for Schools and Universities, for Pro Astronomers. For those who immediately just want to enjoy observing the night sky, or even for Pro Astronomy Research. There is a Rotarion Multi-Application Telescope solution for you!

See NEAF 2021 T21 Hermes Traveller 1 minute YouTube video

D.- Rotarion Solar Telescopes:

In the works..see latest news below!

A.- Rotarion System Products


Automatic Quick Change of eyepieces to vary the magnification using up to 4 of your favourite 1.25” eyepieces.

Easy Finder and zoom in: just quick change your eyepieces to get the needed magnification on your telescope.

Re-locate lost objects: just quick change your eyepiece to increase your Field-of-view.

All that without touching, moving the telescope, and losing the viewed object, without affecting the optical axis between eyepieces or disturbing your telescope alignment or tracking.

Quick Change your favourite eyepieces with a simple Click!

Rotarion The Eyepiece Wheel includes the free Rotarion Remote Control software.

The Rotarion has the CE marking and safety approval for 24 countries, certified with the IEC 61010-1 Norm for Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use in compliance with the Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services Germany GmbH corporation based at Türkheim, Germany.

The Rotarion is patented in the EU & USA.

Download Owner’s Manual, available in TECH INFO menu.

Rotarion Inclinada clara thumbnail        Rotarion TVO eyepieces Thumbnailrotarion-autofocus-main   rotarion-remote-control-setup

Rotarion Hand Control

The user friendly hand-held controller unit.

To use the Rotarion in the field without a computer.

Command Rotarion position/port exchange, and focuser control too with the Rotarion AutoFocus

With the possibility of control from your SmartPhone via Bluetooth.

Plug & play ready for future Rotarion accessories (Rotarion SmartPhone APP).

Download Owner’s Manual, available in TECH INFO menu.

ROTARION Hand Control Thumbnail

Tele Vue 2″ Everbrite Diagonal for Rotarion

The Rotarion tailor-made made Tele Vue Optics best quality 2″ Diagonal for all telescopes with a 2″ focuser.

Use a SmartPhone adapter for digiscopy use, the easiest telescope imaging system ever!

Share with your friends in social media APPs your images of Moon and Planets!

Download Owner’s Manual, available in TECH INFO menu.

Rotarion Diagonal sin oculares Thumbnail   rOTARION dIAGONLA pHONE ADAPTER Thumbnail V2

Rotarion AutoFocus

The perfect AutoFocus device for Rotarion.

Just manually focus one optic or imaging device mounted in any Rotarion port/position, and when selected the rest of optics and imaging devices mounted in the Rotarion are automatically focused!

The Rotarion Remote Control software includes a [T] training key with a proprietary algorithm, so the system calculates for you the variable focus offsets among your telescope and optics, and cameras, so all 4 Rotarion ports/positions become parafocal.

The Rotarion AutoFocus will automatically focus your telescope at any requested distance. Ideal for terrestrial Telescopes too!

Compatible with any DC/stepper motor in the market (JMI, Orion, Tele Vue, Starlight-Feather Touch, Moonlite, etc).

Download Owner’s Manual, available in TECH INFO menu.

ROTARION AutoFocus Thumbnail   rotarion-autofocus-main


See below the all new SCT Mirror-Lock system software algorithm to prevent mirror flip and mirror flop in Schmidt-Cassegrain Celestron telescopes C6-C8-C9.25-C11-C14.

rotarion-autofocus-setup   Rotarion Remote Control Config Screen with SCT Mirror-Lock

Rotarion Photo

The Rotarion’s automatic red tripod accessory for astrophotography cameras, making possible to image different sky objects all in the same night.

Now you can make your telescope universal.  Change your telescope setup from DSO imaging to Planetary imaging with just one simple Click!

No more taking off your camera imaging equipment while changing your favourite eyepieces, Focal Reducers, Flatteners, PrimeFocus kit adapter (included), and Barlows/PowerMates!

The Rotarion Photo is universal, compatible with any imaging equipment such as cameras and filter wheels with thread M42 / T2.

Inside the big 3 red cylindrical radiators there are electromagnetic solenoids that move in a synchronized  inward/outward motion the automatic shutter that seals the gap between your optics and your camera, no more ambient light interference!

See video Rotarion + Rotarion Photo accessory in this page (right side on web full site, or below in smartphone web version).

Download Owner’s Manual, available in TECH INFO menu.

Rotarion Photo v6 thumbnail

Rotarion Photo Starizona Thumbnail

Rotarion with Rotarion Photo at New York NEAF 2018

***Watch red tripod fully automatic synchronized moving shutter!

The Universal SCT Celestron….Only with Rotarion + Rotarion Photo! NEAF 2019

Select automatically imaging optics for DSO & Planetary… Just with a simple Click!

DSO: Starizona Focal Reducer, PrimeFocus – Planetary: 2.5x PowerMate and 5x PowerMate!

1 telescope 4 different Focal Lengths! 1,300, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000mm!

The Universal SCT Edge HD11 Celestron….Only with Rotarion + Rotarion Photo!

Images courtesy by Andrew Campbell-Laing, 2021 Singapore

Select setup automatically for DSO or Planetary: Rotarion PrimeFocus tube, 2.5x PowerMate, and 5x PowerMate … Just with a simple Click!

1 telescope 3 different Focal Lengths! 2,800, 7,000 and 14,000mm!

Captura para web Andrew Campbell Laing HD11 Rotarion Photo Jupiter Saturn

Rotarion CAM Kit   (from 1,25″ to 2″ wheel)

The accessory to transform your Rotarion for 1,25″ eyepiece wheel into the 2″ multi optics & imaging devices wheel, to make your telescope versatile for multi applications. See secuence images after texts below.

Ideal for Profesional Science and Amateur Expert level Imagers.

Includes special tools to remove stainless Handles and 4x 1,25″ eyepiece Safety Rings,  and included is a complete collection of thread adapters for:  Tele Vue IS imaging system, SCT 2″ 24TPI, M48, and T2-M42 to assemble any optics, cameras and instruments.

Supplied with Rotarion Remote Control PRO software with Micro-Tuning keys, for one-time precision adjust Rotarion to your telescope optical axis.

Expert Am: Make your telescope for visual/viewing, DSO imaging, Planetary Imaging all-in-one! Or use a 2 camera setup for Chrominance & Luminance DSO technique (25% faster than the traditional RGB+L method), ideal in seasonal cloudy areas!

Professional Observatory: multiple science applications in a single telescope tube without the differential flexure problems of multi-tube telescopes. Visual, spectrometry, photometry, astrometry, among many science applications in a single telescope tube.

Watch video Rotarion + Rotarion CAM Kit accessory.

Click link Rotarion+ Rotarion CAM kit Mechanical Drawing for max outer diameter for tangency among devices/ports (although user may exceed max diameter for some specific devices/ports as long as they do not interfere with remaining ports devices/dimensions).

Download Owner’s Manuals, available in TECH INFO menu for more information.

1 and 25 inches ROTARION for Eyepieces to 2 inches ROTARION CAM for optics and cameras

Rotarion + Rotarion CAM Kit (Mechanical Drawing)

Atik one Rotarion CAM paris RCE V3 ampliacion 2

rotarion CAM canon Home page V2

***NEW!  AutoMax OnAxis

Included with Rotarion Remote Control PRO software the all new AutoMax-OnAxis algorithm.

Let Rotarion do automatically on-axis precision search.

Recommended for light and heavy unbalanced loads of cameras or scientific instruments.

Maximum telescope on-axis precision and repetability!

AutoMax-OnAxis V3

Rotarion + Rotarion CAM Kit and Rotarion AutoFocus

at New York NEAIC 2018

Rotarion + Rotarion CAM Kit

at University of Glasgow 2019

Rotarion Case

The aluminium case designed specifically for the safe transportation and storage of your Rotarion.

Interior pre-cut to fit also other telescope equipment (EPs, cameras, etc.).

Rotarion Set

Enjoy all Rotarion telescope applications with the complete set.

It Includes:

  • Rotarion & Rotarion Remote Control software
  • Rotarion Hand Control
  • Tele Vue 2″ Everbrite Diagonal for Rotarion
  • Rotarion AutoFocus
  • Rotarion Photo
  • Rotarion CAM Kit & Rotarion Remote Control PRO software

Image 01 ROTARION CASE accessory Thumbnail v2

Rotarion Set complete

Our YOUTUBE Channel…see more product demo videos!

NEAF 2019 AstronSCIENTIFIC Rotarion

By Carlos Uriarte

Selling Partners for:

Rotarion System Products

First Light Optics


Telescopios Barcelona Cosmik


B.- Rotarion Custom-Made

Rotarion: custom-made to any color

Upon request,  custom/tailor-made Rotarion to  any color to match your telescope.

Just send us images of your telescope and color request.

Rotarion custom made Blue color v2

Rotarion PRO: custom-made to any specification

Upon request, Professional Observatory Class custom/tailor-made Rotarion PRO of any size and number of ports available for any telescope type/ diameter, as long the end-user indicates electromechanical functionalities and performance specifications.

5 Ports and under:

  • Rotarion PRO wheel priced accordingly to customer specs.
  • Rotarion Remote Control PRO software is free.

6 Ports and up:

  • Rotarion PRO wheel priced accordingly to customer specs.
  • Rotarion Remote Control PRO software priced accordingly to customer specs.

*Quotes: prices and delivery times vary, due to project specifications and external collaborators.

C.- Multi-Application Telescopes …Only with Rotarion!

Rotarion Super-Digiscoping Telescope

Finally an easy telescope for beginners.

The first ever and ONLY commercially available Universal Telescope for viewing, planetary imaging and deep space objects digiscoping.

Assembled and Ready to Use,  just place the telescope on the tripod with 2 manual lock-screws and ready to enjoy the universe.

NO-NEED prior astronomy or astro-photography experience, just view with the 3 available eyepieces and take fantastic images with your SmartPhone camera!

Share your amazing sky images with your friends thru your favourite social APP.

Ultra-high-end quality, achieved only by integrating the best components from the best-known telescope optics and parts manufacturers in Europe, Japan & USA.

Instrument Specs:

  • Tube: Tele Vue Optics TV-85  Focal Length=600mm
  • Focuser: TVO/Starlight 2.5″ focuser with Posi-Drive motor systems with Rotarion AutoFocus
  • Rotarion + Tele Vue 2″ Everbrite Diagonal
  • Rotarion Hand Control (already programed with Rotarion AutoFocus data)
  • Port 1 – Viewing:   TVO Plössl 40mm finder-eyepiece
  • Port 2 – Viewing:   TVO Delos 12mm resolutive-eyepiece
  • Port 3 – Viewing:   TVO Delos 8mm planetary-eyepiece
  • Port 4 – Imaging:  TVO Delos 6mm + TVO universal SmartPhone adapter (for your own phone!)
  • Tripod: Manually operated tripod with 2 knobs (up/down & left/right)

Rotarion Super-Digiscoping with Note 8 Samsung:

Moon, Jupiter, and  Saturn; actual smartphone screenshots.

Screenshot_20190613-030859_Camera   Super-Digiscopying Moon Phone screenshot   Rotarion Super-Digiscopying Jupiter phone screenshot   Rotarion Super-Disgiscopying Saturn phone screenshot

               Rotarion Smartphone Super-Disgiscopy Telescope

T21 Hermes Telecope, Traveller.

Universal Telescope for Viewing & Planetary, Galaxies, and Nebulae Astro-Photography

Now you can enjoy the first ever and ONLY commercially available Universal Telescope for viewing, planetary imaging and deep space objects imaging in a single tube!

Ultra-high-end quality, achieved only by integrating the best components from the best-known telescope optics and parts manufacturers in Europe, Japan & USA.

For Intermediate to Expert Am & PRO astrp-imagers.

For Teachers at High-Schools Science Departments without On-campus Observatory

Instrument Specs:

  • Tube: Tele Vue Optics TV-85  Focal Length=600mm
  • Focuser: TVO/Starlight 2.5″ focuser with Posi-Drive motor systems with Rotarion AutoFocus
  • Rotarion + Rotarion CAM kit
  • Port 1 – Viewing:   1,25″ TVO Diagonal + TVO Plössl 40mm eyepiece, Focal Length=600mm
  • Port 2 – Planetary Imaging:   TVO PowerMate 5x + QHY CCD camera, Focal Length=3,600mm
  • Port 3 – Deep Space Galaxies & Nebulae Imaging: TVO Reducer/Flattener 0.8x + Off-axis-guide with ZWO CCD camera + Filter wheel ZWO with Baader RGB+L filters + DSO cooled ZWO CCD camera, Focal Length =480mm

Foto Carlos & Joseop Rollup NEAAIC NEAF 2019Universal Telescope 3 in 1

Texto Al Nagler V2

20190325_180450 RollUp NEAIC NEAF 2019 (1) (1) (2) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1)

Selling Partners for:

T21 HERMES Traveller Astro-Photography Universal Telescope

B&H Photo


Science Multi-Application Observatory Class Telescopes

Also available upon request, complete “turn-key” Multi-Application Observatory Class Telescopes.

*Quotes: prices and delivery times vary, due to project specifications and external collaborators.

Tofol Celestron Rotarion CAM recortada                                                Dr Taylor with new Rotarion and Rotarion CAM kit at Observatory

Mr. T. Tobal – Director of OAG Observatory Astronomical Garraf                                                  Dr. A. Taylor – Institute of Gravitational Research – University oF Glasgow

Multi-Application C11 Telescope for Astrometry – Spectroscopy – Spectrometry                    Multi-Application ODK Telescope for Viewing- Planetary & DSO Imaging

D.- Rotarion Solar Telescopes

         …in the works!

20210730_132102     20210730_131932     20210730_132856

FINAL TESTS and commercial deployment 2021 Holiday Winter Season!

Design for 4 solar Quarks etalon filters by DayStar.

Just get Rotarion Photo solar kit (3 extra parts and the 4-to-1 single electronic controlled power heating wire)…

and modify your night time Planetary and DSO Rotarion and Rotarion Photo accessory into the

Rotarion Solar for high resolution day time astronomy imaging.

Rotarion Solar is developed and tested in collaboration with:

     First Light Optics :

     Gary Palmer!/page/444263/solar-images 

Contact us for more info!

Or watch Gary Palmer explanation at Scott Roberts’ Explore Scientific show:

        Explore SCIENTIFIC Star Aliance LogoThe Power of Stars – Explore Alliance Presents Global Star Party LVI:


Rotarion Remote Control software screens and some Rotarion telescope applications.