Rotarion Custom-Made

Our made to order tailor-made Rotarion products.

Rotarion products cater to the demanding Astronomers.

Also for the Do-it-Yourself telescope makers.

Rotarion: custom-made to any color

Upon request.

Custom/tailor-made Rotarion to  any color to match your telescope.

Just send us images of your telescope and color request.

 Rotarion custom made Blue color v2  Rotarion & Rotarion CAM blue

Rotarion PRO: custom-made to any specification

Upon request, Professional Observatory Class custom/tailor-made Rotarion PRO of any size and number of ports available for any telescope type/ diameter, as long the end-user indicates electromechanical functionalities and performance specifications.

4 Ports 2.5″   NEW!

  • Scaled-up version of our standard Rotarion 1.25″ to 2″ Ports.
  • The larger Rotarion CAM 2.5″ ports USA model is built for large sensor cameras and unmanned remote telescope operations.
  • Supplied with:
    • Rotarion Remote Control PRO software
    • Rotarion ASCOM driver + driver for additional ASCOM filter-wheel
    • The New Rotarion Remote Bootloader for firmware updates.
  • Optional:
    • Engineering services for custom adapters/spacers/clamps/etc, including backfocus calculations and OAG parfocality calculations.
    • Forget about complex dimensions and threads details and enjoy our turn-key solutions.
    • Including Zoom/Teams assisted for easy and trouble-free assemblies on your telescope imaging train, guaranteed!

Client’s testimonial:

To: Alv

Title: Package Arrived

“…. are really an extraordinary piece of fine workmanship.

That, coupled with the very detailed assembly instructions, provides a very elegant and easy to understand package.

I always have to admire a good piece of engineering.

Thanks again for your help and expertise….”

J. S.

USA 2022

5 Ports and under:

  • Rotarion PRO wheel priced accordingly to customer specs.
  • Rotarion Remote Control PRO software is free.

6 Ports and up:

  • Rotarion PRO wheel priced accordingly to customer specs.
  • Rotarion Remote Control PRO software priced accordingly to customer specs.

*Quotes: prices and delivery times vary, due to project specifications and external collaborators.

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NEAF 2019 AstronSCIENTIFIC Rotarion

By Carlos Uriarte