Rotarion Solar Telescopes

High Definitition Solar Imaging with 4 Quarks from DayStar

With the collaboration of FLO UK & Gary Palmer expert solar imager

2022 available at FLO UK

Field test Rotarion Solar Gary Palmer

The Rotarion Photo Solar kit

Instrument Specs:

  • kit designed for Rotarion + Rotarion Photo.
  • for high resolution day time astronomy Solar imaging.
  • to use 4 solar Quarks etalon filters by DayStar.
  • kit includes:
    • 3 DME marine steel Rotarion Photo extra long arms.
    • 4-to-1 single electronic controlled power heating wire with automatic reel.
    • extra long single 2″ barrel 60mm to ensure perfect telescope axis alignment.
  • Commercial deployment 2022 !

Rotarion Solar is developed and tested in collaboration with:

     First Light Optics :

     Gary Palmer!/page/444263/solar-images 

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Gary Palmer introduction at Scott Roberts’ Explore Scientific show:

 Explore SCIENTIFIC Star Aliance LogoThe Power of Stars – Explore Alliance Presents Global Star Party:

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