Rotarion Solar Telescopes

High Definition Solar Images and Movies with 4 Quarks from DayStar

For Serious Am Solar imagers & for Pro use in academia and research

With the collaboration of Grant Bowskill, and Rob Banks FLO UK  &  Gary Palmer GPA expert solar imager

2022 world presentation at International Astronomy Show UK October 14th & 15th

Rotarion Solar – Ikarus Solar Observatory – Spain – 2022

Courtesy of Grant Bowskill – First Light Optics – UK.

Selling Partner:


2022 available at FLO UK

Field test Rotarion Solar Gary Palmer

The Rotarion Photo Solar kit

Instrument Specs:

  • kit designed for Rotarion 1.25″ eyepiece wheel + Rotarion Photo.
  • for high resolution day time astronomy Solar imaging.
  • to use 4 solar Quarks etalon filters by DayStar.
  • kit includes:
    • 3 DME marine steel Rotarion Photo extra long arms.
    • 1-to-4 power heating: single wire with 4 independently electronic controlled microUSB ends, with automatic cord reel.
    • extra long single 2″ barrel 60mm to ensure perfect telescope axis alignment.
  • Commercial deployment 2022 !

Rotarion Solar is developed and tested in collaboration with:

     First Light Optics :

     Gary Palmer!/page/444263/solar-images 

Industry Leaders Testimonials

Gary Palmer introduction at Scott Roberts’ Explore Scientific show:

 Explore SCIENTIFIC Star Aliance LogoThe Power of Stars – Explore Alliance Presents Global Star Party:

20210730_132102        20210730_131932        20210730_132856

Captura     Captura 1      Captura 2

International Astronomy Show 2022 UK

Live from Ikarus Solar Observatory

Rotarion Solar replica at IAS

Courtesy Gary Palmer and FLO

Rotarion Solar with TV screen live from Spain

International Astronomy Show 2022 UK

Rotarion Solar replica at IAS

Solar Expert Gary (left side) & Alv (right side),

Rotarion Solar demostration  to IAS visitors

Rotarion Solar with Gary Palmer and customers

International Astronomy Show 2022 UK

Rotarion Solar replica at IAS

Alv – Rotarion & Luke – Lukomatico,

Rotarion Solar close-up imaging of moving shutter

Alv and Blogger Rotarion Solar demo V2

Our YOUTUBE Channel…see more product demo videos!

NEAF 2019 AstronSCIENTIFIC Rotarion

By Carlos Uriarte